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Monday, June 20, 2011

Wedding #3: Kyle & Andrea

This past week was spent on the East coast of the United States. Although I have traveled many places in my lifetime, I have not once set foot in the state of Connecticut or in NYC...I managed to do just that this past week. My family flew into Connecticut and spent a week in Norwalk, CT. My cousin, Kyle, was getting married June 11 (so he's happily married currently), so we decided to make a trip out of it. I saw the sights of Norwalk, drove to Mystic, CT, along with 2 trips into NYC. Not to mention, I got to see tons of family!! The wedding festivities consisted of a BBQ/Party on the Veranda at Andrea's (Kyle's wife) Moms house, followed by a rehearsal dinner at Oneill's (where the two met), a boat party/tour in Norwalk, the actual wedding, and 2 trips to NYC, one with a broadway show & the other, a trip to see the 9/11 exhibit and Yankees vs. Rangers game.

The week was long and filled with fabulous memories, but nothing tops my cousin getting married! I can honestly say that I have never seen a bride SO happy and full of LOVE. As she walked down the isle she looked stunning and had the biggest smile on her face. She was full of happiness, full of love, full of joy, and full of content. The ceremony was held outside followed by a cocktail reception and then a dinner reception. If you know Italians, they love their wine and their food; it was a great occasion filled with good times, good food, and great memories!

Here are some pictures that summarize my week on the East Coast (be sure to read the captions!):
Shopping in SoNo & found this. Sic'em Bears.

Charles W. Morgan Whaling boat in Mystic, CT.

Anyone remember the Julia Roberts movie, Mystic Pizza? Well behold: pictured above is Mystic Pizza. It was SO good. Probably the best pizza I ever had!

Cousin on the boat cruise! Allie, Kyle, Cody, Angie & myself. Love my family.

Andrea (my cousin's wife) and her mom, Ree, walking her down the isle! She is just BEAMING! :)
At the cocktail reception with my sister! Love you, Al!

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Hanson! What a lovely couple!

Radio City Music Hall! First trip to NYC, as well. Went to the top of the Rock and saw amazing views, too!
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Allie & I saw Wicked at Gershwin Theatre. By far one of the most impressive  musicals I've seen. I think I could watch it multiple times and still LOVE it!

Day 2 in NYC: Statue of Liberty. Breathtaking!

The Brooklyn Bridge!
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Ground Zero Museum. This museum captures the dreaded day of September 11, 2001 and the emotions of those working at Ground Zero. Truly moving and emotional.

Yankee Stadium. Spent our last evening in NYC at the Yankee vs. Rangers game. The stadium was impressive, however, the Rangers did not play well. We left early and barely made an express train back to Norwalk, CT.

Overall, the week was an enjoyable one and I was truly blessed to spend so much time with family. I had one day at home, then turned around and moved into my new place in Waco, TX. I still have a lot to do after just 2 days unpacking and organizing, but it will come together. Now, I'm on to preparing for a father/daughter trip to Seattle, WA and Alaska. I look forward to this trip and being in the same state as my dear friend, Caitlin. Sad, though, that I won't be able to see her! Watch out Seattle & Alaska, here I come! 

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Time In Between

So after graduation, I spent some time subbing at Connally Junior High, where I will begin working in the fall. I finally made some $$ for teaching! I received that paycheck in the mail and it was a reminder that I'll be teaching for real, very very soon! In the meantime, I've packed up the apartment off of Bagby and have been living out of suitcases & boxes at home until I'm officially in Waco. This has proved frustrating and unorganized, so while I'm enjoying the presence of family, I'm ready to get things where they are suppose to be!

I have been to two weddings! Yes, this is my summer of weddings; a grand total of 5! The first was a good friend from high school, Megan and Ty. It was a beautiful outdoor ceremony on the Llano River with some great country music and dancing! It was nice to catch up with some old high school friends, dance, and celebrate their wedding!

This past weekend, I went up to the Dallas area for one of my pledge sister's wedding. Camille and I became very close our last two years at Baylor; we shared teaching stories, stresses, memories, and tons of laughter! I was extremely honored and blessed to attend her wedding! Also, it was one of the last times I would see a lot of my closest friends and Zeta Sisters for an unknown amount of time. I felt a sense of sadness as we all departed our ways, more so then than on graduation. The realization that all of use are going different directions in life, different cities, and different states truly hit me as we all said goodbye in the I-Hop parking lot on Sunday. I know, for a fact, our friendship and the sisterhood we share will forever be one of my greatest memories in college & that I will continue to maintain these friendships for a lifetime.
Some Zetas after the wedding! :)
My roommates. Shannon, Beene, & Linds.
Spent the past year being "room neighbors." I'm blessed to have her in my life & that she'll be in Waco next year!
Mr. & Mrs. Tyler Talbert!!
The happily married couple!
 After an amazing weekend spent with friends, I headed back home Sunday afternoon to unpack and begin repacking! My family will be celebrating my cousin Kyle's wedding (wedding #3 for me!). I am excited to spend time with family and make my first ever visit to Connecticut and NYC! Now, I'm off to finish the packing process!

Until next time,

Kelsey Michele