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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Here We Go...

Yesterday (November 12) was not too eventful. Deanna, Jessica, and I went on our first grocery trip to Woolworth’s. Woolworth’s is the local grocery store and it is down the street a few blocks from our apartments. We minimized our purchases because our only means of transportation thus far is walking. And if I haven’t already mentioned, there is a HUGE hill on the way to our apartment (I’ll be sure to document it, no worries). There was NO WAY I was about to carry multiple bags up it!
My groceries...Hopefully they last awhile!
After grocery shopping, we made a plan for the day: use the free Wi-Fi and go to the Queen Street Mall. The free Wi-Fi is located in Chinatown at McDonald’s. The connection is slow, but we make due with it. We enjoy the walk and not having Internet so easily accessible, even though it would be convenient. After catching up on facebook, checking our emails, and updating the blog; we ventured to Queens Street Mall. This mall is HUGE. It has 5 floors FILLED with stores and food shops! We definitely got lost! Not only does this mall has 5 floors, there are multiple “plazas” around Queens Street. CRAZY! After our adventures for the day, Jessica, Deanna and I cleaned up and went to dinner with two other girls on the trip, Kasey and Sarah-Beth. We ended up at a nice little restaurant, in Chinatown (it’s the closest place to our apartments). We split some pizza and then called it a night.

Some things I have noticed while here:
  • Everything is opposite. You walk on the left side of the sidewalk and you drive on the left.
  • The sign informing you to keep left on the board walk near our hotel.
  • The crosswalks are interesting. They are similar to those in America, except they make noise. When the sign turns green there is a unique sound that informs those waiting that it is now okay to cross the street.
  • The students wear uniforms. Now these are not typical uniforms, they are different. Almost all include a hat for the ladies.
  • Deanna and I tested out some hats in Target at the Queens Street Mall.
  • Speaking of hats…they LOVE their hats.
  • An elevator is called a lift.
  •  Cheaper is spelled CHEEPA and pronounced the same.
  • Wal-mart is called Big W.
  • Cookies are called biscuits. Interesting.
  • The game Cricket can last 3 hours, a day, or 5 days. I am currently watching a Cricket match that will last 5 days. They play from 10am to 5 pm.
  •  Football, or as the Aussies call it Gridiron, is a multiple of different sports. It’s not American football and it’s not soccer. An Aussie tried to explain it to our group and had trouble…needless to say, I still don’t know or understand Aussie Football (not soccer).
  • The Morning Show is a lot like our Good Morning America.
  • People are really friendly here and enjoy dressing up (business style). They definitely like their clothes short.

That’s all for now. Today (November 13) we will be learning the bus route to school and then get to come back to the apartment all on our own. After that, we don’t really have any plans!


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