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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Miss…Are you going to Camp?

“Miss, are you going to camp?” is the question I have been asked the most this week! Each grade at Whites Hill State College has what they call camp. Camp consists of the grade going somewhere together, hanging out, and getting to know each other; there are set activities and it costs for the As I mentioned previously, I am with year 9 and it is their last year in middle school. And to answer their question: yes, Ms. Rostron will be going to camp! We head out next Wednesday and won’t return until Friday afternoon. Prayers please as I will be traveling and with 40+ year 9 students!

On Monday (November 22), my students performed a play entitled “The Brute Family.” The students practiced the previous week and then performed for other classes in the middle school. The students did an excellent job and I was SO glad that a majority of them memorized their lines! Check out a few of the pictures!

9B performing "The Brute Family." We got Dred & Drac (the ones with the knives), Flam (the boy in the chair), and Angelic (the girl in the dress). 
Check out Gladys (the one with the crazy wig)! "She" was OBSESSED with dynamite! 
9A performing "The Brute Family." 

:) They did such a great job!
On Tuesday (November 23), Deanna, Jess, and few other girls on the trip went to West Side Story at the Lyric Theatre in Brisbane. I had never seen the movie or Broadway before so this was quite the treat! The actors and actresses did an excellent job! It was an all-Aussie cast; I was impressed with their accents and singing! They did an excellent job imitating the New York and Puerto Rican accent! It was a great show and a very somber ending, but it definitely had a strong message, which I appreciated!

Thursday is Thanksgiving…Aussie Style! Deanna, Jessica, and I will be cooking 3 side dishes for the staff Thanksgiving Feast! Excited to be experiencing Thanksgiving with WHSC and my dear friends, but will be missing the family, too!

That’s all for now…Get ready for a Thanksgiving update!

Much love,


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