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Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Taste of Waco

On November 13 (yesterday), we spent the morning trying to find Deanna a phone…after many attempts we were successful! She finally has a phone and can now make phone calls and texts! I, of course can do the same, it’s just a little pricy. Another girl has AT&T and it only charges her 25 cents a text and 6 bucks a month—dad, is this what we have? Anyways, I haven’t used the phone that much since it is costly, the main thing is finding Internet; we sure like our McDonald’s Wi-Fi!

After running around town, it was time to learn the bus route with my professor’s friend from Brisbane. Her two daughters and herself came along with our entire group on the bus. We were informed that bus 204 will take us to our schools; we waited for about 30 minutes (at least) for bus 204 to come rolling around. The group then just chilled on the bus and made note of where to get off for school. Now, Deanna, Jessica, and I are at a different school from all the other girls. We were informed to “get off at the next stop, go down the street, and the school will be on the right.” We were given no details, street names… absolutely nothing. Welp, I hope we make it to our school on Monday! We ended up at Westfield Mall, which is huge! There was a Big W, Target, grocery stores, and multiple other stores. While there, I noticed that the escalators were slanted so people could take their grocery carts up or down. Wendy’s is not a fast food joint; it is an ice cream/sweet shop! I got a taste of Waco: DR. PEPPER! I cannot say how excited I was to drink a Dr. Pepper, yes it was costly, $2.50 for just a can, but it was SO worth it! We spent the rest of the time shopping around and I purchased the first season of Modern Family—HILLARIOUS! A few of us got “hooked” on the flight over, so now we are playing “catch-up.”
Best Dr. Pepper...EVER. And SO worth the $2.50!

Wendy's at the mall!
Christmas tree in the Westfield Mall! Yes, there was a Santa and yes, he was in normal santa clothes!
To get home we were on our own. Yep, we had to take the bus on our own back to the apartment. And let me tell you, common sense failed us. One group of us thought that the same bus we took to the mall would bring us home. We were wrong. Those of you that know me, well, I’m directionally challenged, so it was nothing new to me to be lost. One girl actually asked the driver if it would take us home and he said no, we attempted to get off, but the doors shut. So, we reassured ourselves that this had to go home…we were wrong. We realized this once the bus driver turned the bus off and we were the only ones still sitting on the bus. He was nice and told us where to go to catch the proper bus…Thus, we were lost somewhere in Brisbane…Typical for me! 

I know for sure that tomorrow, Sunday, November 14th, Deanna and I will be listening/watching the Baylor vs. A&M game online…SIC’EM BEARS!!


P.S. Sorry I can’t blog consistently, you’ll just have to roll with it considering internet is not easily accessible. 

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