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Monday, November 8, 2010

So Long Senior Fall...

Yes, my fall semester is over...
This past weekend was an exhausting one with recruitment for Zeta Tau Alpha, the sorority I am in. It was also a reminder that once again, I am a SENIOR and my times at Baylor are dwindling. As stressful and exhausting fall parties can be, this year was one of the best and it was a reminder that I truly love my Zeta sisters! I can say that I have been incredibly blessed by my sisters and the lasting friendships I have made; I look forward to making more memories with these lovely ladies in the spring!

And as crazy as this sounds...I am officially done with my senior year fall semester in the beginning of November! All classes (internship and a technology class), all projects, all lesson plans, EVERYTHING is DONE. Yep, done. It is crazy to think about! Through all the stress of finishing everything early, it is now time that I take in my final moments here in the States! So I am up super early, organizing and preparing for my last day here which includes: running last minute errands, turning in my project, and actually packing. Starting the packing process is my main priority; nothing like packing the day before you leave. :)

I am going to Australia...TOMORROW. CRAZY, absolutely CRAZY.


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